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M’sian Doctor Reveals Heartbreaking Story of Elderly Patient Who’s Abandoned by His Children



M'sian Doctor Heartbroken Because His Elderly Patient Was Abandoned by His Children - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & Getty Images (For illustration purposes only)

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Some people tend to forget that as they grow older and get busy with their lives, their parents will grow old as well. 

An uncle in his 60s had to walk all the way to his doctor’s appointment because he couldn’t get someone to send him. This story was shared by the uncle’s doctor, Nimelesh, in a Twitter thread (@hausofhilton) explaining how awful he felt about the uncle’s situation.

Nimelesh said that his elderly patient was late for his appointment, and the uncle told him that he had no transportation to get to the hospital. 

“Sorry doctor, I don’t have any transportation today, so I had to walk. I couldn’t find someone to send me.”

Shocked by his patient’s answer, Nimelesh asked the uncle where his children were, and why didn’t his children send him instead. The uncle’s answer only made Nimelesh even more devastated.

“All my children moved to Kuala Lumpur. They only visit me during the holidays. I live alone now because my wife passed away. I’m lucky because my neighbours would visit me every now and then, so I wouldn’t feel so lonely.”

“Why don’t you move in to live with your children?”, Nimelesh asked the uncle.

“They’ve never invited me to live with them. I am old, and I’m a little slow. If I made any mistakes, my children would be angry. I don’t want this to happen…”

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The uncle teared up as he spoke about his children. Nimelesh continued his thread by saying this wasn’t his first time encountering elderly people who were neglected by their children. He mentioned that some of them were even doctors, lawyers and teachers. But we do know that regardless of the children’s occupations, it doesn’t mean that they could neglect their parents’ needs.

We understand that it’s difficult to make a living, and it’s easy to forget about our parents who raised us, but that definitely doesn’t justify the decision to let them live alone. 

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