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M’sian Doctor Shares 6 ER Stories to Remind Us Death Can Happen at Any Age



M'sian Doctor Shares 6 ER Stories to Remind Us Death Can Happen at Any Age - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: iMoney & Facebook

There is always something to be grateful for in life no matter what we are going through. At any moment, life can slip away from us.

A doctor working in the Emergency Department of a Malaysian hospital recently shared on his Facebook about cases that he had to handle. In his post, he also reminded everyone to cherish every moment in their lives because death can happen at any time regardless of age.

He listed 6 death and near-death cases he encountered in his practice.

  1. “A 24-year-old arrived with a weak pulse of unknown cause. The only thing they knew was that he was an asthma patient. They did CPR on him for 30 minutes but to no avail. He was later pronounced dead. If I were destined to die at 24, I would not know what have I contributed to the world. I’m not judging others; I am only talking about myself.”
  2. “A one-year-old baby suffered an hour-long seizure, and they have to intubate the baby to prevent any brain injury. If the seizure went on too long, the brain would not get enough oxygen which would lead to disabilities and stunted development. I don’t know how the baby is doing now.”
  3. “A five-month-old baby came into the emergency room unconscious. The team immediately provided CPR for 10 minutes. According to the baby sitter, it choked on milk. After 30 minutes of CPR, there were no signs of life, and the baby was pronounced dead. It was the family’s first child.”
  4. “An uncle came in with his pulse at only 28 BPM. The normal rate for a pulse is between 60 to 100. After being treated, his pulse suddenly stopped, and he was unconscious. They immediately started CPR. 10 seconds in, he woke up and his pulse came back. God is great!”
  5. “A 60-year-old uncle came in unconscious and CPR was done immediately. They attempted to intubate him but failed. Then they noticed bruises on his neck. He was trying to commit suicide by strangling himself.”
  6. “A 16-year-old was a passenger of his friend’s motorcycle. While riding, he fell on his back and bashed his head on the road. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. When he arrived at the ED, his pupils were 4mm dilated. There was no sign of brain injury. However, after a CT scan, intracranial bleeding was detected. He was transferred to Sungai Buloh hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, before they could operate on him, he was gone.”

These cases shared by Doctor Faiz show how fragile our lives can be. Whether it be a simple slip up or a major accident, we could lose everything easily. So let’s appreciate our lives and the people around us more, not knowing when our time is up.

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Malaysian Doctor Shares Emergency Room Stories To Remind Us Death Can Happen At Any Age - WORLD OF BUZZ 6