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M’sian Doctor Treating Baby with Cancer Was Called a ‘Disgrace’ for Taking Off Hijab



M'sian Doctor Treating Baby with Cancer Was Called a 'Disgrace' for Taking Off Hijab - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Metro / mStar

Dr Amalina Bakri is a modern-day Malaysian icon. She scored the most 17As for SPM 2004, the most As in Malaysian history at that time. She has secured scholarships upon scholarships, and today, she’s a leading UK-based surgeon making waves upon waves.

But apparently, some people thought she was a “disgrace” for taking off her hijab years ago, one netizen tweets.

But now that she has agreed to help treat Ainul, a Malaysian baby with rare cancer, he hopes they realise how wrong they are.

On the 22nd of April 2019, Dr Amalina voiced her intention to help via Instagram,

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A post shared by Dr. Amalina (@dramalinabakri) on Apr 20, 2019 at 2:35am PDT

she writes,

“It was very heartbreaking to hear about baby Ainul’s story. She has to go through such hardship at such a young age. I am currently in touch with Ainul’s mother and have received her medical records. I’ve contacted a few of my colleagues, but because it is a very complex case, we need to do a multidisciplinary meeting (between different specialities) to discuss her case.”

Source: mStar

Her insistence of helping Ainul has undoubtedly created a wave of admiration for Dr Amalina and is certainly a slap in the face to those who condemned her for her way of life — and netizens agree!

One netizen quoted a hadith, saying, “Allah does not look at your appearance or your possessions, but he looks at your heart and your deeds”, and added that Amalina has a “heart of gold.”

Source: Twitter

Another continues to condemn the holier than thou Malaysians who put appearance ahead of a person’s actions, “I wonder how [they’re] going to respond to this?”

Source: Twitter

And Dr Amalina is an inspiration for Malaysian women who have to deal with the constant bullsh*t because of the way they dress.

We applaud Dr Amalina and her medical team for their efforts to help Ainul, and we hope that her surgery is successful!

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