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M’sian Fresh Grad Paid RM1,700 As Accountant But Made To Do Odd Jobs In Office



Source: Freepik & Wallpaper Flare

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A Malaysian fresh graduate is contemplating leaving his job that has been treating him unfairly but is also reluctant to as he fears he might not be able to find another job.

In a Facebook post, Kenny (pseudonym) said that he initially thought he could start working after finishing college and that life would be better after making money. However, this was during the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said that he graduated in May last year (2020) and was unable to find a job after three months. His mother then asked his uncle, who has a small company in KL, to give her son a job. Although his salary is only RM1,700 a month, Kenny thought that at least he would still have a steady income and would still be able to support himself if he was careful with his spending.

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He said that he was given the position of an accountant in the company, but he ended up being asked to do all sorts of miscellaneous tasks.

“I basically took care of all the admin’s work and also helped clean the office and wash the toilet. If the door lock was broken, I had to learn how to fix it myself (they didn’t want to pay someone else to do it),” he said.

“Since I joined the company, my uncle fired the original cleaner, saying that the money has gone to me alone and that there was no more money to hire any more people (which HR secretly told me).”

“But it is clear that my salary is not very high.”

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Kenny added that even his aunty shows him a bad attitude when she is in the office. She yells at him and asks him to do tasks that are not within his job scope, which makes him feel very insulted. But he said he has to continue working to earn that little bit of salary.

After three months of probation, Kenny’s uncle said that the company could not make money and that if he wanted to stay in the company, his salary would be deducted by RM300.

“This means that after I am confirmed, my salary would be even less,” he said.

“My uncle also said that if it wasn’t for my mother’s sake, I wouldn’t have been hired at all. But I feel very wronged. They wanted to deduct my salary when I am the one who works hard in the office, doing two jobs by myself as well as running errands for them.”

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“I really want to quit, but my mother said that jobs outside are not easy to find. She said my uncle’s willingness to give me a job is already very good and told me not to complain so much. She also said that if I quit now, my uncle would say that I am ungrateful”

“I am very annoyed. I do not want to continue to work here every day, but I’m afraid of leaving because it’s really hard to find a job out there. What should I do?”

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