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M’sian Gets Robbed and Beaten Up by New Friends, Receives Surprise the Next Day




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Whenever you go out drinking with friends, it’s important to be alert and cautious at all times.

A man thought he had made some new friends at a bar, only to find himself waking up in a field of grass by the roadside with all his valuables missing the next day.

The 29-year-old man was out having a good time with his friends at a duty-free bar in Johor Bahru at around 12am on February 21, Oriental Daily reported. After his friends had left, he went to a toilet outside the bar alone before heading home.

You know how some people say the toilet is one of the best places to met new friends? For this guy, he got himself three new friends at the loo. The trio initially approached him in a friendly manner, before inviting the man to continue their conversation back in the bar.

They chatted the night away till 2am. The man paid the bill and left the establishment with his newfound friends to head to their respective cars. As he had parked his car at an open parking space that was further away, the three offered to give him a ride to his car. He agreed to hitch a quick ride without any suspicion.

However, his joy ride instantly turned into a nightmare. Instead of heading towards the open car park, the trio drove heading to Skudai. They kept on pressing the victim if he had money throughout the whole journey. He was even beaten unconscious and dumped at the roadside in the bushes, and had stolen his ring, wallet, watch, car key, mobile phone and RM250 cash.

Source: Facebook

After he regained consciousness, he walked a long way aimlessly, bruised with wounds and injuries. Finally, he reached an apartment in Danga Bay, where he sought help from the security guards to contact his family.

“My family members brought me to the Danga Bay police station to lodge a report first, then to the hospital to receive treatment. Fortunately, I only suffered surface level bruises, but had serious injuries on my face. My nose was bleeding, both eyes swollen and red, with my left eye unable to open from the damage,” he said.

Source: Facebook

It was found that the thieves had drove off the victim’s Mazda3 after robbing him. The victim’s younger sister then uploaded a post on Facebook to share about her brother’s bad encounter, in hopes that local netizens will help them search for the stolen car.

Source: Facebook

Not long after, a local netizen stated that the stolen car was seen in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah. However, it was driven off. Miraculously, the stolen car appeared in front of the victim’s house on February 22 at 12pm, as if it was returned to the victim by the thieves. Had their hidden conscience hit them?

Source: Facebook

The victim advised the public to stay on guard and be vigilant at all times, and not to accept offers by strangers or get into a stranger’s car to prevent falling victim to such unfortunate incidents in the future.

Johor Bahru South district deputy police chief has confirmed the case and said that the police has launched an investigation under Section 394 and Section 394(A) of the Penal Code.

Always be careful when you make new friends at the bar! 


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