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M’sian Girl Gets Tired of Malls, Shares 39 Places & Activities in KL Perfect For Dates and Adventures!



Source: Star2 & Flickr

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Have you ever been so bored over the weekend because you don’t know where to go or what to do? Tired of heading to mall after mall after mall?

This Malaysian girl sure is.

Huda Mustapa (@theHudaMustapa) decided to do all Malaysians a huge favour by listing down a bunch of places to visit and activities to do in Kuala Lumpur that are either free or ridiculously affordable.

She explained that, “This list I made for my boyfriend because we’ve been hitting malls way too much, and places like Aquaria and Petrosains are just too basic for us.”

She listed down a total of 39 locations in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s her list of locations:

  • KL Forest Eco Park (Free admission)
  • Islamic Arts Museum (RM14 for adults, RM7 for students)
  • National Museum of Malaysia (RM2)

Source: Kuala-Lumpur (National Museum of Malaysia)

  • Textile Museum (Free admission)
  • Selfie Museum (RM20)
  • PDRM Museum (Free admission)

Source: TripAdvisor (PDRM Museum)

  • Bank Negara Malaysia Museum (Free admission)
  • Illusion 3D Art Museum (RM34)
  • Museum of Illusions (RM35)

Source: FemagOnline (Museum of Illusions)

  • Art House Gallery – Museum of Ethnic Art (Free admission)
  • Telekom Museum (RM6)
  • Royal Museum (RM5)

Source: Star2 (Royal Museum)

  • KL Upside Down House (RM18)
  • Museum of Asian Art (Free admission)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial (Free admission)

Source: Star2 (Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial)

  • National Sciences Centre (RM6)
  • Biomedical Museum (Free admission)
  • Sri Perdana Gallery (Free admission)

Source: TripAdvisor (Sri Perdana Gallery)

  • Orang Asli Craft Museum (RM2)
  • National Planetarium (Free admission to the exhibition gallery)
  • Kuala Lumpur City Gallery (RM10)

Source: KLCityGallery (Kuala Lumpur City Gallery)

  • National Automobile Museum (Free admission)
  • High 5 Bread Town Museum (RM15)
  • Chocolate Museum (Free admission)

Source: TheStar (Chocolate Museum)

  • P. Ramlee Memorial House (Free admission)
  • Statesmen Memorial (Free admission – not too sure)
  • Tun Abdul Razak Memorial (Free admission)

Source: TripAdvisor (Tun Abdul Razak Memorial)

  • Malaysian Chinese Memorial (RM20)
  • Music Museum (Free admission)
  • KL Bird Park (RM25)

Source: NicheDataFactory (KL Bird Park)

  • KL Butterfly Park (RM11)
  • KLCC Sky Bridge (RM28)
  • Petronas Gallery (Free admission)

Source: HolidayGoGoGo (Petronas Gallery)

  • Perdana Botanical Gardens (Free admission)
  • KL Orchid Garden (Free admission)
  • The Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman (RM10)

Source: TripAdvisor (The Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman)

  • Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (Free admission)
  • KL Deer Park (Free admission)
  • Kwai Chai Long (Free admission)

Source: 2Cents (Kwai Chai Long)

Who knew KL alone had so many attractive spots that are not just ridiculously affordable but also more culturally enriching than just going to a mall! This list alone can accommodate up to 39 dates or outings, if you choose not to go to the same place twice.

Huda’s posting has since garnered over 29,000 retweets and counting.

Being a person who hates malls, I genuinely can’t wait to take my time visiting all these places! 


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