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M’sian Girl Hints At BF To Buy Myvi To Show Off To Her Friends, Gets Angry When He Buys a Bigger Car



M'sian Girl Hints At BF To Buy a Myvi To Show Off To Her Friends, Gets Angry When He Buys a Bigger Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Girls, always remember, when you require your boyfriend to be a certain way or own certain things, make sure you’re actually worthy of such standards, that you can also reciprocate their needs and that your requirements are for the right reasons.

One boyfriend took to the UTAR Confessions Facebook page to showcase how his girlfriend had made him buy a car, only to be ridiculed for not actually buying the car that she wanted. She had apparently hinted and reminded him multiple times that buying a Myvi would be the best choice, but when he bought a Proton X70 instead, she basically told him she couldn’t face her sister without a Myvi.

#UC51951 我买了一辆proton X70,可是….事情是這样的,之前我女友催我买车,有时候还会唠叨讲什么男人沒有车会让女生很沒有安全感bla bla bla什么的~~我有几次是想买便宜一点的axia…

Posted by UTAR Confessions on Saturday, December 7, 2019

He wrote, “I bought a Proton X70, but, this is the case. My girlfriend urged me to buy a car and she would keep talking about how men without cars make girls feel unsafe. I tried a few times to buy an Axia which is a more affordable car, but she seemed to have caught wind of it and made fun of Axias and Kancils in front of me everyday. She then told me about how her best friends had bought Myvis and how it’s better than an Axia. So, I dropped the Axia idea.”

Source: Trapo

Eventually, after considering his girlfriend’s hints, he decided to buy a car that was bigger than a Myvi.

“Just last month, I took out my deposit and finally made up my mind to bring the Proton x70 home, mainly because it had value for money. Little did I know, after telling my girlfriend, she told me ‘Huh? The x70? What car is that and why did you buy it? Are you stupid for buying this car?'”

Source: Zigwheels

She had apparently added, “Damn it, I have already hinted at you so many times to buy a Myvi, why did you go and buy an x70?”

This is considerably surprising because the x70 is more expensive and bigger than the Myvi but the girlfriend seemed to want a Myvi so that she could impress her sister.

“Didn’t you know that the Myvi is a God-like car? Without a Myvi, how do you expect me to face my friends?” she had asked him.

Source: Youtube

At this point, the boyfriend could no longer contain his disbelief.

“Hello! Isn’t the x70 more expensive than the Myvi? If you want the Myvi so badly, would it have killed you to just tell me straight away? Go show your friends,” he had said.

I mean, if she wanted a Myvi so badly, why didn’t she just buy one herself instead of hinting at her boyfriend? He can just buy whatever car he wants for himself.

Hence, girls, be independent and buy your own car and to the boyfriend, you clearly deserve to be treated better. 


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