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M’sian Girl Sent to SG at 8 Years Old Finally Finds Long Lost Siblings Thanks to Twitter



Source: Twitter

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Weddings are a joyous occasion that unites two families as one, but for one Malaysian girl who is on her way to the altar, Twitter fulfilled her one wish.

The girl simply wanted her siblings to attend her wedding. But because they were separated when they were just children, she had completely lost contact with them and did not know where they were.

Many, many years later, she’s now getting hitched and couldn’t ask for a better gift than to have her siblings by her side. The girl, Oh hey (@fdzhx) took to her Twitter account to share old pictures of her siblings when they were children, in hopes of using the high-speed information distribution mechanism that is Twitter in order to find them.

She wrote, “Hello! I’m trying to find/locate my long-lost siblings in Pahang, Malaysia. The last time I met them, I was 8. I have their address but I don’t think they’re still staying there. My oldest sister should be 24-years-old, my second sister should be 23-years-old.”

She added that she had even went to National Registration Department (JPN) and tried to look through medical reports in order to find them, but it was to no avail.

She then shared her siblings’ names while further explaining, “It’s been a long time since I’ve met them. I’m getting married soon and the only thing I want is them to be by my side. I know it’s hard and impossible but please retweet to make it happen. Insya Allah!”

With a little divine intervention and the magic of Twitter, she received a reply.

Elyna (@elynananana) retweeted the original posting. It turns out, she was one of the sisters!

Elyna wrote, “Can I just call you sister? I’m shaking right now. Is it you? I’m Ellina. Am I your sister?”

Elyna later explained in the comment section of her thread that they were four siblings but one of them was sent to Singapore to live with a foster family. The OP was that child.

They had later completely lost contact but thanks to Twitter, they have now reunited and are preparing for the wedding!

Source: Twitter

Oh hey’s posting has since garnered over 4,800 retweets.

Job well done, Twitter, job well done. 


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