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M’sian Girl Starts Debate On Whether Opposite Genders Can Be Friends After Getting Into Relationships



Can People Still Be Best Friends With The Opposite Gender After Getting A Significant Other - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Let’s get real. Would you block your best friend on social media if your jealous boyfriend/girlfriend tells you to? Would you be able to no longer be friends with them just because you’re now taken, and they’re of the opposite gender?

Belle (@Bebelleyy) took to her Twitter account to share an incident in which her best friend of 10 years had completely blocked her from all social media platforms after he had gotten a girlfriend. She confided in another friend, asking if she had done something wrong to deserve being blocked, which the friend suspected could be because of his new girlfriend.

Belle writes, “10 years of friendship, the three of us used to go eat together, since we were kids. Who knew, now that you have a new girlfriend, I got blocked. You girls. Think about it, it’s not like I want your boyfriend. He’s my best friend for 10 years, that’s longer than you’ve been around. Sometimes, I overthink, am I that cute?”

In the text messages to her friend, Belle explains that she had been blocked (We’re guessing either from Twitter or Instagram) and that he had unfriended her on Facebook as well, to which the friend admitted that he had been actively posting pictures with his girlfriend.

“He threw his friends away, just like that,” Belle added.

Netizens have since been had mixed reactions to the posting, with those siding with Belle sharing their own experiences.

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “My boyfriend has 2 best friends that are girls. They’ve been friends longer than we’ve been dating. I’d never stop them from being friends. And I always remind him that I trust him a lot.”

Source: Twitter

This one goes, “Belle, getting blocked is too much. What we don’t know is if tomorrow brings hardships, at that time we still look for our friends. I’m friends with my boyfriend’s friends, my ex-boyfriend, even my ex-boyfriend’s wife is close to me. It shouldn’t be a big deal.”

On the other hand, some felt like Belle was out of her lane in the situation.

Source: Twitter

This retweet says, “Let it die la, even if it’s a friendship of 10 years or 100 years. Your best friend is in a relationship now so you should just sit quietly and not rant like this. If he and his girlfriend are right for each other, she’ll be promoted to his wife and you’ll remain as just the best friend. So shut up and know your place. Goodnight, I’m going to sleep.”

Which begs the question, can friends of opposite genders remain friends after getting into relationships?

Belle’s posting has since garnered over 7,600 retweets.

What would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend told you they didn’t want you being friends with the opposite gender anymore? Let us know in the comments section! 


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