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M’sian Girl Verbally Abuses BF and Blames It on Her PERIOD, Gets Schooled by Females Online



Source: Twitter

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As girls, we’ve had to go through the physical pain and suffering of our periods ever since puberty, and to be honest, we’re just about done with it. The worst part about it though is not the blood gushing out of us, but the PMS (Premenstrual/Postmenstrual Syndrome).

PMS is the one thing about periods we still can’t seem to handle, and we’re quite well known for it. Men have been blaming our bad moods on PMS for centuries, to the point where I’m pretty sure we use it as an excuse to be angry (and when I mean angry, I mean expressing the feeling without taking it out on other people or things) every once in a while (or is that just me?).

But girls are now taking a stand, against another girl who used her period as an excuse to verbally abuse and curse out her boyfriend. IzzueAiman (@_izzue_) took to his Twitter to showcase a series of text messages sent to him by his girlfriend, in a now viral posting.

Izzue captions the posting with, “Are girls on their periods like this? What should we call girls like this? I think once patience has run out, hands can be raised.”

Source: Twitter

This message basically consist of repeated:

“Go die la, pig, block la (asking him to block her). Satan, go pay attention to your other girls”.

Izzue responded with, “If you really want to be blocked, you can just block me yourself. Just press the block button.”

Source: Twitter

However, she just continues on raging at him.

“So you can go and die. Block. I can’t even get anything done because I’m waiting for you to block me. Pig. Block la. Damned. I’m on my period so I’m just going to curse people out today. Block la, pig.”

Source: Twitter

“Go on, when are you going to just die. Block me. Block la. Izzul pig. Izzul pig. Izzul pig.” (10 times, but you get the idea.)

Source: Twitter

And then she moves on to a series of middle fingers before finding her words again.

Source: Twitter

But it was much harsher words she found when she resumed.

“I hope you die by getting hit by anything at all. Hopefully you die fast. Maybe by a lorry. Getting dragged for 100 meters. Really hope so. Maybe tomorrow. I really hope so. Hope it happens.”

Izzue has since left his girlfriend.

Upon seeing such monstrous behaviour, girls flocked to Izzue’s posting to set the record straight – that this is not PMS. That girls should not and do not have the right to abuse someone this way under any circumstances.

Source: Twitter

This comment reads, “PMS does not go as far as this. Is she your sister, wife or girlfriend? If she’s your sister or your wife, my condolences. If she’s your girlfriend, save yourself while you can.

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “Having your period does not give anyone a ticket to be abusive. She deserves no one if she acts like this until she dies. Good that you left, brother. May her loss be her lesson.”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

We’re happy that Izzue decided to release himself from such a toxic relationship. No one deserves to be treated that way – nor should they treat others that way either.

Izzue’s posting has since garnered over 5,000 retweets.

Let’s hope his now ex-girlfriend learns her lesson so that she can stop giving the rest of us girls a bad name. 


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