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M’sian Kids Are Now Prime Targets of Foreign Pedophiles, Here’s How to Report These Cases



Foreign Pedophiles are Targeting M'sian Kids As Demand Increases, Here's How to Report Them - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
Source: Bet & Borgen Project

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Countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines are cracking down hard on pedophiles to keep their children safe from these horrible monsters who prey on underage children. Due to this issue, foreign perverts are now setting their sights on Malaysia and targeting the children here to satisfy their sick adventures.

Foreign Pedophiles are Targeting M'sian Kids As Demand Increases, Here's How to Report Them - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Express

According to FMT, the news portal recently interviewed human rights group Tenaganita co-director Aegile Fernandez and she said that the demand for sex with minors in Malaysia is increasing.

“Our neighbouring countries have become more aware of their own child prostitution problems and the authorities are vigorously fighting back against pedophiles and child-sex traffickers. This means that Malaysia is increasingly the destination of choice for men seeking underage sex,” she said to the portal.

Yet, Malaysians remain ignorant of this fact and some rural families are duped into sending their kids straight into the sex trade. These syndicates will tell the parents that their kids will be hired in plantations or become fishermen. The parents are grateful for the opportunity and agree since they feel that their children will not have a bright future if they continue their education so they want them to learn a skill that can earn more money.

“Since demand is surging, syndicates are constantly hunting for children in rural or poor urban areas,” Fernandez said. “They particularly target boys from broken homes where they are being looked after by relatives or neighbours. They send plausible women to the boys’ homes to win the trust of parents or guardians. These ‘nice aunties’ tell them that their boys will be given jobs earning up to RM1,000 a month. If someone can look after the children, it is a relief,” she said.

Once the child is “given” to the syndicates, they are immediately exploited by sending them to beg or even tout for sex. WTF! One of the more vulnerable communities is refugees, as they are often desperate and are unaware of syndicates like these.

In fact, one of the more heart-wrenching stories she shared was about a 16-year-old Bangladeshi boy who was brought into the country to work but instead, he was forced to prostitute himself.

“He had to have sex with multiple men. After four years, he was of no more use to the syndicate so they extracted one of his kidneys and dumped him in the gutter. We took him into our shelter but he was mentally gone.”

“Malaysians are not asking themselves questions when they see a young boy or girl with an older, perhaps foreign man. Instead of reporting it, they prefer to just pass by. That makes our cities happy places for traffickers, pimps and pedophiles,” she added.

Some of the hot spots for these horrible pedophiles are Bukit Bintang, Brickfields, Central Market and Ampang as many child sex workers are often located in these areas. These children are groomed from a young age and many of them are turned into drug addicts as the syndicates give them drugs to keep them obedient.

“We spoke to a girl aged about nine. She told us she doesn’t have to do anything but pose for pictures with her panties on or off. It was so sad to hear her talk as she had no idea what was going on. All she knew was she was given good food,” Fernandez said. That’s terrible.

Hence, Fernandez explained that Malaysians should not be so “innocent” and assume that everything is fine when they see children who are begging on the streets. In fact, they can even report any suspicious activities such as human and sex trafficking anonymously using the “Be My Protector” app.

It only takes five easy steps to lodge a report and the free app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Tenaganita will send qualified workers to investigate the authenticity of the report and turn it over to the authorities for further action.

The app was launched just last year in April 2018 and they have already received more than 300 reports of sexual exploitation, forced labour and people smuggling.

Be more alert and if you feel something is not right, you can lodge a report! Better safe than sorry!


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