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M’sian Lady Brags On IG How Her Dad’s Connection Allowed Her To Travel & Pass Through Immigration



M'sian Woman Uses Father's Connections To Travel To KL During MCO, Shows Off On Instagram - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & 12Go

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The whole point of the Movement Control Order (MCO) is to ensure that the Covid-19 virus doesn’t spread any further than it already has, hence a large aspect of the movement restrictions is that no one is allowed to travel not just to other countries but also within Malaysia, unless you have a very valid reason to.

Missing your husband is not a valid reason.

BahNews – Aduan Orang Kita took to their Facebook page to showcase a woman who decided to show off her flight tickets from Tawau to Kuala Lumpur, as she and her children spent the first two weeks of the MCO with her parents and wanted to head back to KL to spend the rest of the MCO with her husband.

She then added that the immigration officers initially stopped her and her children, disallowing them to travel (because there’s an MCO if she hasn’t heard), but because she had ‘connections’, they were allowed to fly.

In the image, the woman wrote, “Last two week of the MCO was spent with my parents in Tawau, next two weeks of the MCO will be spent with my husband in KL. The kids miss their father and is asking every day when they’ll to go back to KL to see him.”

“Actually, our flight back to KL was on the 22nd of March, but we didn’t get to travel then because immigration didn’t allow it. The boss of the immigration is a friend of my father’s, Alhamdulillah, we managed to get back to KL,” she added as the date of the flight tickets shown were for the 1st of April.

It’s honestly disgusting to see such behaviour during a time like this where families are losing loved ones and medical experts are sacrificing their lives in order to end the Covid-19 pandemic, yet there are Malaysians so stubborn and unwilling to cooperate with the MCO, and proudly flaunting it online.

Currently, netizens are hunting down the lady who posted this IG story and most recent updates reveal that she has already deactivated her Facebook account. Many others are calling that the immigration officer in charge should be investigated.

We genuinely hope that the authorities look into this issue and take the appropriate action against this lady.

The audacity. 


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