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M’sian Lecturer’s Conversation With International Student Shows Why M’sia Is Truly A Peaceful Country



M'sian Lecturer's Conversation With International Student Shows Why M'sia Is Truly a Peaceful Country - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: SCMP & MalayMail

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A lot of times you’ll hear people saying that Malaysia is a peaceful country. Most of us Malaysians don’t believe this statement because of the political imbalances we’re experiencing.

But, what most of us don’t understand is that the reason we’re a peaceful country is that we deal with our political developments by sitting patiently and waiting for updates.

For example, lecturer Norhisham Bakhary took to his Facebook to share a conversation he had with one of his international students, who was curious as to why Malaysia didn’t go into a state of emergency when the dissolving of the cabinet was announced.

Source: MalayMail

He wrote, “Today, one of my international students asked if they had to leave Malaysia as they were afraid that there would be chaos. Many were worried.

I answered, no need, just enjoy your stay here, this is Malaysia. People are very matured, you see, even though we don’t have a government, people are still enjoying life. Not even a single punch thrown.”

Normally, in other countries, the military would have to be called in to ensure that citizens remain calm and prevent protests and chaos.

Source: SCMP

His student asked, “We don’t even see the army out on the streets, how can this be?”

“Because we have the king, the army is loyal to the king, not to the politicians. That is the beauty of my country,” he answered.

An Egyptian student had gone on to explain that if the same thing happening with Malaysian politics were to happen in his home country, many would lose their lives.

“The Egyptian student said, back in his country, many would have died,” he added.

Hence, we should be thankful that the most that happened throughout this incident is a mini carnival outside the palace.

Source: Yahoo

“This is the King’s constitution, don’t you dare try to destroy his institution, you are also protected under it. Long live the King. Love you, Malaysia,” he ended.

In a lot of other countries, incidents in politics like ours can cause riots and mass chaos, where people can get hurt and worse, killed.

Luckily, Malaysians don’t react that badly to political blunders, or we’d all be doomed.

Norhisham’s posting has since garnered over 1,700 shares.

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