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M’sian Man Accidentally Grabs Cat’s Balls While Bathing It, It Hilariously Sulks All Night



M'sian Cat Owner Made Hilarious Thread On Cat's Reaction After - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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Having a pet is FUN! To pour your love into an adorable furball (applicable to cats, dogs and hamsters) and have it reciprocate without saying a single word is just pure joy. However, it’s not that easy as they’re living creatures. As a pet owner, no one can deny that one of the hardest parts about having a pet is giving them a shower!

Twitter user @F1rdaus31 posted about an incident that happened while he was giving his cat Jojo a shower and his cat’s reaction to it.

” I forgot he was male and accidentally pulled his testicles because I thought it was a furball! Now, he’s sulking.”

That’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen today!

I don’t think the catto can help being so cute even in his moment of distress. Firdaus even posted updates about Jojo’s mood after being assaulted.

Same energy tbh. At 1am today (2nd December 2019), Firdaus tweeted that Jojo has forgiven him and even started to lick him. He reassured netizens that he will treat Jojo with some wet food. #awww

And finally, one hour ago, Firdaus posted about the ultimate way into your cat’s heart. It’s simple yet so powerful.

“But remember guys, once you scratch his chin, all your sins will be forgiven”

Cat lovers take note! And for the finale, Firdaus shows that Jojo has no one else but him in his heart.

“He’s on a scratch-high, and he’s even cross-eyed. At this exact moment, I knew all my sins are no longer in Jojo’s heart.”

This is the cutest thing on the internet today and kudos to Firdaus for being an excellent pet owner. And for Jojo, we hope this traumatising incident never repeats in your life. Keep being adorable!


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