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M’sian Man Blows Crowd Away with Melodious Feminine Voice But Stunned Uncle Behind Him is Stealing The Show



Source: Twitter

Good performers and musicians are hard to come by, and when you do stumble upon them, they can be quite pricey especially if you’re hiring them for a small wedding or just a party in your house. Even more so if you’re interested in hiring a high profile musician.

So why not hire someone who just sounds like your favourite singer? After all, you might be surprised!

الهاميليسم (@ilhmynhzri) took to his Twitter page to showcase a singer that blew everyone at a gathering away for the oddest reason! The man sounds like a woman if you close your eyes, and in fact, he sounds good! So much so that he utterly baffled a man that was sitting behind him.

الهاميليسم wrote, “I’m as surprised as the uncle behind him.”

And we are too, especially considering how good he sounds!

Unfortunately, the uncle’s reaction to his singing might have stolen the singer’s thunder as netizens took to the comments section to express how much they relate to the uncle upon hearing the man sing.

Source: Twitter

But nonetheless, praise should be given where praise is due and this singer truly deserves a standing ovation for his unique performance.

Let’s just hope the uncle didn’t steal too much of the singer’s spotlight with his baffled expression!

الهاميليسم’s posting has since garnered over 26,200 retweets.

Anyone looking to hire an out of the box performer, look no further. 


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