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M’sian Man Passed Out In His Own Puddle Of Poop Because He Was Too High On Drugs



M'sian Man Passed Out On His Own Puddle Of Poop Because He Was Too High On Drugs - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

Ok, this is straight out gross! 

Drugs are bad for you and there’s no secret to that! Not only do many of them damage your mental health, but they’re also bad your body because you can lose control of it.

For example, this guy who was found high on drugs as he was laying around a puddle of his own poop, believed to be a result of diarrhoea. Noodou wrote that a Malaysian man was found with his pants partially opened (it was opened up to his buttocks) in a parking lot.

Source: Noodou

A video of the man was initially shared by a Facebook group and in the video, you can see that the man, who is high on drugs, didn’t react when he was approached by the person who recorded the video.

Further into the video, at 0.21 seconds, the man passes out on his own puddle of poop and the netizen runs towards him to check out his situation. Aiyer! ?

Source: Noodou

You can watch the video below but if you cannot stomach gross sights then you should probably skip hitting the play button:

Source: Facebook

We really do hope that the guy gets the help he needs and is rehabilitated back to health. On that note, let’s do our best to stay healthy and say no to drugs because it’s clearly bad for our health. Don’t do drugs, guys! 


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