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M’sian Man Sexually Assaulted in KL Mall Toilet, Predator Chases Him to Staircase With Zip Open



Source: Twitter

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These days, as cases of sexual harassment are finally being brought to light, women all across the nation began to share and warn each other of the very worst of these crimes. The #MeToo movement became a global phenomenon, emboldening women to speak up and take a stand, outing predators hidden behind shiny public veneers.

However, a different story has hit social media today. A guy who works in a mall in KL tweeted his experience of being sexually harassed by another man.

He opened up about his experience through his Twitter, uploading a video of the predator with his zipper opened.

The incident started in the toilet of the mall he was working in when the victim was washing his face as he was sleepy, and was applying moisturiser before an older man came closer to him and touched his private part.

Shocked, the victim grabbed his stuff and left the toilet, only to be followed by the predator. The victim had second thoughts about running back to his workplace, not wanting the predator to visit his workplace after what had happened. He ended up taking a different route up the stairs and managed to film a short video of the predator while confronting him.

He left the staircase right after and made a run to another toilet, hiding in a cubicle before phoning his friend and asking him to come and see if the man was still there.

Luckily for him, the predator left after he ran. He expressed his fear and shock at having experienced such an incident, and a lot of other men began to share their stories of being victims of sexual harassment in the thread as well. They all expressed their fear and anxiety when dealing with this issue, regardless of their gender and religion.

Although he received negative comments asking whether he was covering his aurat or not, and some even made fun of the traumatic experience, surely this brave man should be applauded for bringing attention to an often neglected issue.


It doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, or what his physical appearance is like, being sexually harassed is not the victim’s fault. It never is.

No matter what, we hope everyone is safe and sound. If you have been sexually assaulted, be sure to speak up about it and take a stand! Stay safe and practise constant vigilance everyone!


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