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M’sian Man Shares Terrifying Moment His Wife Said Someone Was Trying to Break Into Their Hotel Room



Source: Twitter&YouTube

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Why do most of us choose to stay in a hotel when we travel to a new place, whether it be for work or leisure? Yes, comfort is one aspect, but it’s also because it’s a safe and reliable option. But what happens when it stops being a safe place? There are so many awful things happening in this world, and there are hardly any truly safe places left from those looking to harm others.

Twitter user @AimanPsikologi posted a screenshot of a message his wife sent him while he was in the middle of a talk 22 minutes away from his hotel.

Source: Twitter

The wife, who seemed terrified, texted him repeatedly, saying there was someone trying to enter the room and asking if it was him.

“Imagine you’re in the middle of giving talk and you realise this 16 minutes after her last text. My wife and my son are in the hotel while I’m still in the middle of my sharing session. It’s a 22 minute drive from UTM to the hotel. I tried to call her but no response.”

Doesn’t that just send chills down your spine?

Aiman said that while he knows it’s unprofessional to stop in the middle of a talk, his family’s safety came first. THANKFULLY, his wife picked up the phone and explained whatever happened, and Aiman even told his audience what had just happened as he felt that they had the right to know. Well, apparently, his wife and newborn baby son escaped danger because the wife had the presence of mind to lock the door using the type of lock shown below, which prevented the criminal from entering the room.

Source: Twitter

Aiman expressed his gratitude that his family was safe from any harm but at the same time he had the slight regret that he wasn’t able to interact or hold a meet and greet with his audience as he usually would. He expressed his utmost apology.

We’re glad that nothing happened to the speaker’s family and hope they’re able to move past this incident. At the same time, the way Aiman handled this whole situation was extremely professional and humbling as he genuinely regretted that he couldn’t give his best during the talk. All in all, always be careful wherever you are!


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