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M’sian Man Showcases How Expensive ‘Anti-Theft’ Door Was Easily Taken Apart



Source: Facebook

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Malaysia is becoming more and more dangerous by the day as there are thieves who are so desperate for money that they’re willing to break into multiple houses in one night.

Hence, it’s only normal that people are willing to invest and splurge on stronger and more effective security measures in order to keep their loved ones and property safe. But what happens when the thousands of Ringgit worth of safety and security fails you?

Lw Lau took to his Facebook page to showcase how a local company’s anti-theft safety door, which he spent a lot of money on, can easily be disassembled as though it was a decoration instead of heavy-duty protection.

Source: Facebook

LW wrote, “This so-called security door can’t be used to prevent theft. We spent a few thousand Ringgit, even when we go to bed or go out, we don’t feel at peace. The thief can enter the house without having to pick the lock or break anything as the grill is as flimsy as decorations. I don’t know what the quality of this company is?”

Source: Facebook

Pictures added to the posting not only showed the grill removed but also how there was an additional opening on the door which can be used to easily break into houses without much effort.

Source: Facebook

The security company that sells the doors has since issued a statement and have updated their designs to fix the flaw.

They wrote, “It has come to our notice that there’s a post circulating in social media. Please be advised that we have already investigated and communicated with the house owner. Customers who are feeling unsafe with the (“Black Lining”) grill design can reach out to our nearest branch or PM us your contact details.”

It’s a good thing that they owned up to their mistake and have fixed the design flaw. We hope that they’ll at least also help replace all the already purchased doors that carry the flaw considering the price of their products is not cheap.

LW’s posting has since garnered over 8,700 shares.

Security and safety is no joke, guys. Especially when you have loved ones to care for. 


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