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M’sian Minister Urges Students To Learn Mandarin As It’s Important For Our Future



Sabah Education Minister Urge Students To Learn Mandarin For Future Betterment - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MalaysiaKini2 &FarEastEmpireGroup

Linguistics learning is extremely important whether it’s for adults or children. To learn a new language is always good as it is an advantage to us as Malaysians; because even as kids we were raised with two languages minimum, English and Malay. And since we live in a multiracial country, we’ve either heard or learnt multiple languages on a daily basis. Keeping that in mind, the Education and Innovation Minister of Sabah made a statement that was perceived rather… negatively.

Datuk Dr Yusuf Yacob said during the Confucius Institute Launch Ceremony at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) today that the people of Sabah are recommended to learn Mandarin besides English as it’s an extremely important communicative language.

“The development of Mandarin language in the academic, business and international politics fields is so massive right now.”

The minister even added that Malaysians who have mastered English, Malay and Mandarin can go to other countries easily. His text was presented by Assistant Education and Innovation Minister,Mohamad Mohamarin. If you’re confused about what the Confucius Institute is, it’s an international Mandarin language institution that was developed outside of China since 2004 and UMS is the fourth university in the country to have this centre as a medium to learn Mandarin and the Chinese culture.

According to Berita Harian, the minister also added that this institution is also a tool to strengthen the relationship between Malaysia and China, especially with Sabah. He hopes that UMS becomes the agent for the cultural exchange between our two countries.

What do you think of the minister’s statement ? Is it important for us to learn a new language or not? Let us know in the comments below!


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