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M’sian Mum Shares Horrifying Experience of Earrings Stuck In Her Child’s Earlobes



Source: Eyra Shira | Facebook

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Most parents have pierced their children’s ears at a very young age. Although there is nothing wrong with doing so as most doctors have said it is a personal choice, they also advised that it is best to avoid piercing your child’s ears too early. This is to decrease the chances of forming an infection.

Ear piercing is a rather safe procedure but sometimes the aftermath can be a little terrifying. This Malaysian mother, Eyra Shira, took to her Facebook to share the horrifying experience that her child encountered.

In her post, Eyra shared that due to her daughter’s active nature, most of the earrings that she has gotten for her daughter end up getting lost. She then decided to buy the screw-type earrings which are very popular as they are known for their security to stay in place.

It did end up doing its job well. However, another issue occurred instead. The screw at the back ended up getting stuck inside her child’s earlobe!

Eyra shared that she had to bring her child to a few clinics to do the procedure of removing the screw but the doctors refused to do so as her child is still very young. She ended up taking her daughter to the hospital where they had to cut a bit of the child’s earlobe in order to remove the earring.

Poor thing!

Eyra’s post garnered over 9,900 shares as many netizens were shocked by how a tiny little earring could cause such a big incident to happen.

We hope everyone will learn from Eyra’s experience and be more cautious when wearing screw-type earrings. 

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