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M’sian Mum Shocked To Find Her Kids Watching ‘Hypersexualised’ Cartoons On YouTube



Source: Stoksy & Norsila Kassim

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A Malaysian mother was horrified to find that her children were watching inappropriate content on YouTube one day and took to Facebook to voice out how easy it is for young kids to have access to such content on the Internet.

Norsila Kassim wrote in a Facebook post that she was in the middle of hanging the laundry when she heard her kids fighting over the television remote. Her older daughter was upset that her younger brother was watching cartoons, but the brother started crying as he couldn’t watch his cartoons.

She said that her children would watch cartoons on YouTube from the TV, which makes it easy to monitor what they watch. Thinking they were just watching the usual cartoons, she took a look and was shocked at what she saw.

On the screen, Norsila saw what looked like ‘hypersexualised’ versions of the characters from ‘Among Us’, the popular online game that went viral a few months back.

“There were a lot of obscene sounds and obscene acts,” Norsila said.

“Oh God, if I wasn’t aware earlier, this definitely would have gone into Iqi’s (her son) mind who’s just turning four years old. It’s so easy for the enemy to rule our children’s minds through cartoons.”

Norsila added that there are many more new cartoons like this that easily appear on YouTube on children’s mobile phones and that many parents aren’t aware of it.

She said that she had already turned on the parental control on YouTube, which makes her wonder how cartoons like this could still be accessed by her children.

“I can’t imagine what will happen if they watched YouTube using a mobile phone. Fortunately, I did not give them a handphone,” she said.

“Sometimes we feel as if we’ve done our very best to monitor our children but it just takes a moment for (things like these) to happen.”

As kids have more access to mobile gadgets nowadays, there is a growing concern about what they are consuming through the internet with little to no monitoring from their parents. We hope parents will remain vigilant about their kids’ activities on the Internet, and more so in this day and age.


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