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M’sian Netizens React To The “Ring Of Fire” Solar Eclipse On Twitter & We’re Amazed At The Photos!



M'sian Netizens React To The "Ring Of Fire" Solar Eclipse On Twitter & We're Amazed At The Photos! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Mothership.sg & Twitter

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After 21 years of waiting, the solar eclipse finally made its re-appearance and Malaysian netizens are living for it!

The unique phenomenon, the “Ring of Fire”, also known as the Annular Solar Eclipse just happened today (26th December) from 1-3pm and Malaysians have been eagerly waiting to experience this iconic natural occurrence with their own eyes!

Unfortunately, not all of us are in a location where the eclipse is visible.

Or maybe some of you don’t have the right eye protective gear to witness the “Ring of Fire” without running the risk of going blind (trust us, don’t try it).

If you fall under one of those categories, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some of the best tweets showcasing the solar eclipse in all its glory so you don’t have to risk losing your eyesight witnessing this phenomenon.

Some netizens managed to capture the beautiful sight alongside the pride and joy of our city centre, KLCC!

Other netizens even shared a few tips for those of you who want to capture the best possible shot of the “Ring of Fire” without it being a hazard to your eyes:

A few users took to Twitter to share their experience and ask others what the eclipse looked like from their side of the country! Aww, we love how this mind-blowing phenomenon is bringing people together.

And a few romantics used the opportunity to compose the perfect emo tweet:

Did you witness the “Ring of Fire” this year? Share your experience with us below!


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