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M’sian Netizens Share Hilarious Public Toilet Hygiene Signs, Bringing New Meaning To Dirty Humour



Malaysian Netizens Share Hilarious Public Toilet Hygiene Signs, We're Laughing with Our Nose Pinched - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: MGAG Facebook & Jeff Kortes

Gas station toilets.

We bet you can smell it just by reading those words.

It’s an on-going mystery as to WHY gas station toilets are so disgustingly dirty, and why is there even smeared poop on the wall?

A Shell gas station in Seremban could no longer deal with the daily gross encounter, thus they put up a piece of reminder in the toilet, HOPING the public could follow.

Source: Facebook

A post shared by MGAG on Facebook, which was submitted by Amirul Hakim, sparked interest on the internet because everyone understood how dirty gas station toilets could be. If we’re honest about it, most people would voluntarily forget that toilets exist in gas stations because we wouldn’t go there if we have other options.

Source: Pinterest

The netizens chipped in their discoveries on interesting signs in public toilets, and we all had a good chuckle thanks to the creativity of our fellow Malaysians.

Conrad shared that he once came across this sign at a Sabah cybercafe toilet that cursed the patrons to lose in all the games and “no chicken dinner” for them, if they dirtied the toilet. With a “normal” flush reminder sign stuck on the tiles, it seems like their customers did not understand simple words written in all three languages. We guess the message was clearer after they put up the customised sign targeted at gamers.

“WARNING! Whoever dirties the toilet will have their MMR dropped, derank, no chicken dinner, and lose all the games! CURSE YOU!”

While another netizen, Wan Azmi, responded with his find in a Desa Park City public toilet. It’s not difficult to guess that this toilet had experienced blockages. Most public toilets would warn us not to throw our trash (and even toilet paper) into the toilet bowls because the toilet will be clogged, becoming an unsightly mess that none of us wants to see.

“PLEASE DON’T FLUSH nappies, sanitary towels, hand towels, iPhones, unpaid bills, your screaming baby, hopes, dreams, goldfish, or gum DOWN THIS TOILET.”

Thanks for reminding us not to flush our hopes and dreams down the drain. We do appreciate the cleaners’ hard work in keeping the public toilets clean. Although someone is hired to clean the toilets, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to do our parts as well. So, be a good civilian and aim responsibly.

What are some interesting signs you’ve encountered at public toilets? Do share with us in the comments!

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Malaysian Netizens Share Hilarious Public Toilet Hygiene Signs, We're Laughing with Our Nose Pinched - WORLD OF BUZZ