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M’sian Photographers Celebrate Flaws & Self Love in This Beautiful Exhibition



This Exhibition By Malaysian Photographers Is All About Self-Love - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Every person on earth has at least one physical imperfection they are conscious of and we tend to hide it as best as we can. But our flaws are what makes us, well.. us.

For a group of Malaysian photographers, our physical differences are not something to be ashamed of. In fact, they’ve brought it to the public eye tastefully and beautifully.

Photographers Annatasha Saifol, Catherhea, Daniel Adams, Dear Nessy and John Kam are having their works collectively displayed at Kyo, Mandarin Oriental today at 2.30pm with a panel discussion included for any who wish to inquire on their photography work.

If you miss today’s event, it’s okay because their work will be on display at Kyo throughout the whole of November!

This Exhibition By M'sian Photographers Is All About Self-Love - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Kudos to our homegrown photographers for showing everyone a way to celebrate our differences and diversity! Aren’t all humans beautiful?