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M’sian Seller Savagely Replies Rude Customer, Tells Buyers To Be More Mature and Respectful



Source: Twitter/Hana & Unsplash/Rupixen

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Just another day in the life of a Malaysian seller… 

Now, as online shoppers, we’re blessed with an abundance of options at just a click away. What more is that we have the liberty of comparing prices and making a wise and educated choice.

But what’s NOT okay is taking the term “the customer is always right” to heart and thinking you can be rude to the sellers. Twitter user and online entrepreneur, Hana (@softydinda) shared an interaction she had with a rude customer who kept questioning the prices of the products and compared the prices to other online stores.

Customer: Hi sis, I would like to ask. Why are all the items you selling at a “kafir” (The term refers to a person who rejects or disbelieves in God as per Islam) price?

Customer: I’ve seen the price at this online shopping platform and it’s cheaper. It’s not good to cheat your customers.

Hana: Hi, I’m sorry sis, if you’re not interested in my store, you’re more than welcome to shop at the online platform.

Customer: I’m just asking why are you selling your items for such high prices? It’s cheaper online.

Hana: If that’s the case, why do you buy fishes from the market when you can just go to the sea and catch the fishes there. It’s all free and fresh also!

Customer: Shut up 

Speaking to WORLD OD BUZZ Hana who’s an agent for a skincare product says she enjoys her job as a seller but at times there are some instances where an inconsiderate customer would test her patience. One instance was when a customer ordered three items from her and the payment method was via cash-on-delivery. However, when she arrived at the customer’s house, they were nowhere to be found even after calling them multiple times and the house also seemed empty. The customer then called and said the address was wrong but when Hana went to the place the next day, the same situation happened and she simply wasted her car fuel.

She added that this isn’t the first time she’s encountered customers who claim that her product is too expensive. But what they don’t realise is that she’s just an agent and the price has been determined by the product founders. She doesn’t add or minus even a single cent from the price and she’s not at liberty to do so. These customers are also often disrespectful and accuse her of purposely cheating them.

“I would just like to request Malaysian buyers to be respectful towards their sellers and pose any questions they have respectfully.

We, sellers are humans too with feelings. You don’t see the effort each seller puts in when they’re doing business. Please be more mature.”

No matter what industry you’re in, no one likes it when people are unnecessarily rude to them. At the end of the day, just remember what authority do you have to think you’re better than anyone?


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Source: Twitter/Hana
Source: Twitter/Hana
Source: Twitter/Hana

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