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M’sian Shares Heartbreaking Story of Uncles Who Sexually Abused Her Underage Schoolmates



Source: MedicalXpress & Westword

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After reports that the Malaysian pedophile convicted in the UK with possession of extreme child porn, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, had not only secretly returned to Malaysia but also enrolled himself into a university here, netizens took to the net to debate on whether he deserved a second chance at living a normal life among the community.

The web was divided, as some said that he should be given a chance to repent while others believe he could well continue to be a menace to society.

One girl even took to her Twitter page to give the masses an in depth idea of how a pedophile’s sexual abuse towards a child can affect the way they grow into an adult, after she was touched at a grocery store by a stranger when she was only 10-years-old.

Another netizen, Bree (@SabrinaM2812) has since come forward on Twitter, to share a story of how two girls she had known in school were raped on a daily basis and how they had turned out.

Bree wrote, “Back then I knew 2 sisters. During one of our chat sessions, they opened up about their childhood. They had lost their parents in a car accident. Their uncles took them in but ended up raping them until the uncles were finally married to their respective partners.

The girls were 9-years-old and 12-years-old when the abuse and rape started. They were both scared and fought it in the beginning, but eventually, they accepted it as part of their survival. They said the longest it would last is 20 minutes, so they would bear it, or they’d get beaten.”

On the surface, the girls had to pretend like everything was as normal as they would go to school as usual but the moment school was over, they would have to return to a nightmare of a home.

“They went to school as usual, but when they got home, they would cook and do house chores for the uncles. At night, they would have to satisfy the uncles sexually. When relatives would come over, the girls would praise the uncles on how good they were being treated after being taken in.”

Source: SCMP

The abuse and rape became too much for the girls to handle and they eventually turned to substances to numb themselves to such a barbaric lifestyle.

“When I knew them, they had already started becoming wild. Can’t blame them. They’re traumatised and that’s how they deal with their experience. They hate men but unfortunately, the only way they knew how to connect with men was through sex.

They also abused drugs and alcohol to forget. It’s hard not to symphatise with them. They are lost girls. Last I heard of them, one of them committed suicide. I think it was the elder sister. The younger one is in jail for possession of drugs.

Source: MalayMail

But what happened to the disgusting uncles who sexually abused these girls, especially considering they were so young?

The uncles continued their lives as normal. They got married and had families of their own, as though nothing happened. I don’t even know if they will continue their disgusting behaviour on their own children. After they had gotten married, the uncles severed ties with the girls, saying that they had become wild and uncontrollable. Their relatives believed the uncles and isolated the girls.”

The only way Bree could conclude the sad story of these two poor girls was with an important question,

“See how being abused can ruin the victims?”

Bree’s posting has since garnered over 11,100 retweets.

People constantly talk about how a convicted pedophile deserves a second chance to be part of society. What about the kids in the pornographic videos he was involved with making? Would they be able to be a part of that society again? 


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