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M’sian Shares How A Hospital Staff Told Everyone Of Her Sister’s Pregnancy, KNOWING She’s A Rape Victim



Source: METRO&InsideEdition

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The treatment of rape victims and rape in general in our country is, to be honest, still sad and extremely lacking. While there is more awareness these days and conditions are slowly improving, this netizen did not see the compassionate side of Malaysians and was subjected to harsh judgement and criticism instead.

Ampun maaf atas perkongsian ini. Tapi ini merupakan perkongsian yang boleh kita sama-sama ambil iktibar."Hi Syed. Cuma…

Posted by Jessie Ooi on Friday, October 25, 2019

Her story, as shared by activist Syed Azmi Alhabshi, goes as such. Her sister was raped and got pregnant with the rapists’ baby. Her whole family tried to keep the situation under wraps to protect the sister’s honour as she wasn’t at fault. Unfortunately, at the day of the baby’s birth, a nurse informed the village head that the sister gave birth to a baby out of wedlock even though she knew the sister was a victim of rape.

Now, the whole family has to suffer the consequences of what the staff did. They are the subject of gossip and ridicule for the whole village. She also said how disappointed she was with the staff as there was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for her to inform anyone as the whole family is aware that her sister was raped, and they didn’t in any way disown her. She hoped and prayed that this situation won’t ever happen to anyone.

This is so sad that this happened to a person. The fact that this person chose to go ahead with the pregnancy is already a brave decision and one not every person can or is willing to make. Whether or not she chooses to tell her experiences is completely up to her and it’s no one else’s tale to tell.


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