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M’sian Shares How She Turned Her Room Into A ‘Small House’ To Give In-Laws Privacy



Source: Ain Zaki (Facebook)

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Most newlywed couples usually prefer to rent or stay in their in-laws’ house before affording their own place. But many of us know that when you’re living with the in-laws, there are a few restrictions and boundaries you need to be aware of, especially in terms of privacy.

To ensure that she doesn’t overstep any boundaries, Facebook user Ain Zaki who lives with her in-laws, shared how she turned her room into a “small house”.

Surprisingly her “small house” is equipped with a kitchen and storage of necessities. The room has been renovated so that she can move freely while maintaining privacy between herself, her husband, and her in-laws.

Ain said she came up with the idea as she and her husband are currently living with her in-laws since they don’t own their own house.

As there is limited space to move around the house, Ain said she has to change her clothes to more appropriate wear every time she wants to cook as she has to keep in mind that she shares the house with her in-laws. Hence, Ain persuaded her husband to renovate parts of their room since it is quite spacious and large.

Ain added that although it’s simple, she is still grateful and very happy at least she can cook every day.

A ‘house’ in a room

Her “mini” living room.

















Bedroom section. She makes sure it is simple and minimalist so that it won’t look too crowded.


























Looks cosy and warm, doesn’t it? But that’s not the best part. She even has her own kitchen segment in her room!

















Ain said they only use an electric stove as it is easy to use and there is no need to bring a gas canister into their room.











































Since she couldn’t fit the fridge in her small kitchen, they decided to put the fridge near their bed instead.















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