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M’sian Shares Simple Hack To Easily Get Rid Of Cockroaches Living Freely In Your Car Overnight!



Source: Khushairi Borhanudin | Facebook

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Imagine getting into your car, minding your own business, when an unwelcome guest crawls out of nowhere and now is making its way towards you. Few of us may just calmly get rid of the horrifying pest but if you are like me who suffers from katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches), screaming, crying or simply making a jump from the car would be my go-to option if I were to ever spot a dreaded cockroach in my vehicle.

If you’re just like me, you would understand how terrifying it can be. Moreover, if it is in your car, stuck in a small closed space with you…Yikes!

However, this Malaysian netizen, Khushari Borhanudin, took to his Facebook page to share this lifehack that everyone should try out if you are struggling to get rid of cockroaches in your vehicle.

His post has garnered over 2,300 shares and 2,000 comments. Netizens were amazed at the trick and decided to give it a go.

Khushari shared his experience and recommended that everyone suffering from cockroaches in their vehicles should purchase an insect repellent called Fumakila Vape. He said in his post that he got it from a speedy mart for only RM7.90.

He then explained that all he did was spray the insect repellent, around two to three times under the car seats. This has to be done at night, just before going to bed.

The next morning, he guarantees that the cockroaches would be dead as fumes from the insect repellent are trapped in the closed space of the car, causing the pest to die.

The next step would be scooping up their dead bodies and disposing of it.

Netizens who have given this a try commented on the post saying that it does work well. One even mentioned that not only will the insect repellent kill the cockroaches but will also kill other pests living in the car such as ants.

Another netizen asked Khushari whether the cockroaches will come out of the seat on their own before dying or will they die in the seat. Khushari said based on his experience, the cockroaches will gather “as a family” and die together.

If you think Khushari’s trick will be helpful, try it out and let us know.

Let us know your thoughts on this article. Drop a comment in the comment section below!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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