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Malaysian Ad Gets Massive Backlash for Showing Man Fat-Shaming Girlfriend



Source: FMT

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For the last time, fat-shaming (or shaming any kind of body type for that matter) is not cool! Especially if it is used to promote a product like this advertisement did.

According to FMT, a viral video was shared on Facebook via (Pen Merah (dot) com) where it fat-shamed a woman in order to sell their slimming product, G-Trimax.  

The video starts with the man ignoring his girlfriend as she asks if her clothes look good on her. Then, she proceeds to ask him if they could get married, to which he tells her to be patient. Nevertheless, she continues pestering him and he then takes out a calculator to count the amount of money that would be needed to sustain her if he marries her. Ugh, rude! 

When she asks what he was doing, he proceeds to fat-shame her by calling her a ‘pregnant bear’ whilst saying that he would have to double the groceries’ budget if he was to marry her. Bruh, it doesn’t work like that! 

He even mentions that he has to get a triple king-sized bed! Walaowei. 

Source: FMT

She then got irritated and challenged.

“Don’t run your mouth, boy. I will become thin, just you watch,” she snapped.

Then, in a month, she’s suddenly thin and he’s ecstatic to see her new, transformed self.

“If I knew this would happen, then I would have married you three years ago,” he exclaimed excitedly after seeing her transformation.

Face-palming so hard, right now! 

You can watch the ad here:

Source: FMT 

Obviously, this video didn’t sit well with netizens as they were upset with the content that painted fat women in a negative light.

“He only wants to marry her if she’s thin, so if she’s not thin he wouldn’t marry her, right? Love with sincerity, not with looks,” said one Facebook user.

Another Facebooker wrote, “If you want to marry someone, you should accept them wholeheartedly. What if after marrying, your spouse becomes fat after giving birth, you’re going to divorce them then? It’s only an opinion, don’t bite me!”

This video, which was posted with a rather distasteful status, further propagates the stereotype that fat people are slackers and gluttons. Which they are not, obviously!  

Besides that, it also gives people the idea that only thin people can be married, thus creating self-esteem issues for fat people. Anyone can get married, love knows no body type! 

So, it’s definitely not a good idea to shame a particular body type in the ad because it impacts society negatively in more ways than one. Couldn’t they have come up with a more neutral plot?

Have you seen this video circulating on Facebook? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!


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