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M’sian Students Casually Left WhatsApp Group When Teacher Asked About Homework



Source: Twitter

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Teachers have had it tough throughout the entire Covid-19 lockdowns considering they received undeserved criticism from netizens saying that they were receiving free salaries as schools have been closed and facing unforeseen difficulties from students, all while doing the level best they can to teach their students through the available online platforms.

A concerned daughter, whose mother is a teacher, sees her mother’s efforts towards her job and her students on a daily basis and is tired of seeing the hardships her mother has to face.

Anne (@Ms4nne_) took to her Twitter account to showcase how her mother’s students had casually ignored their teacher’s messages about homework and left their WhatsApp group.

She wrote, “My mum sent homework to the WhatsApp group with her students in it, but the students casually left the group.”

In the image, Anne’s mother could be seen explaining a task the students have to complete. Some students then left the WhatsApp group without so much as a word. After some time, the teacher then asked the remaining students for the progress of their tasks.

Soon after, the last student left as well, leaving Anne’s mother alone in the group after she had asked about their tasks and informed them that they’ll need to submit it once schools have re-opened.

“I really wanted to cry when my mum asked me why her students were not giving any responses. When I checked, they had all left,” Anne said in her thread.

During times like this, teachers shouldn’t have to face such problems as parents can always assist by liaising with teachers and ensuring their kids are up to date with their tasks.

Just because schools are still partially closed due to the pandemic doesn’t mean that education should take a backseat. After all, homework is a routine that doesn’t require you to leave the house.

Plus, we should truly respect and be thankful to teachers who are doing their level best to ensure that their students stay well educated with the limited amount of resources they have to work with.

We genuinely hope that these students see the error of their ways and make things right with their teacher.

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: SKSBS

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