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M’sian Students Sharing 1 Home-Cooked Fried Rice Shows Us That Mother’s Cooking is The Best



Source: Facebook

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One of the best feelings a mother could have is when her cooking is appreciated not just by her own family but also by others.

And one of the best things a child can do is to share their home-cooked meals with their friends.

For instance, Mohd Fadli Salleh took to his Facebook page to showcase how a group of his students shared one of their mother’s fried rice among each other.

Aku rasa, orang yang paling bahagia melihat gambar ini ialah si ibu yang memasak untuk bekal anaknya ini. Bekas kosong…

Posted by Mohd Fadli Salleh on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

He wrote, “I think, the person who will be the happiest seeing these pictures is the mother who cooked the meal for her son. The tupperware will be taken home completely empty as her son explains to her, ‘Mother, I shared the food with my friends. They said your cooking is amazing’.

The next day, the mother will definitely cook with love and spirit. It’s not like his friends don’t have money for their own meals. But when invited to eat, they’ll eat together. Doesn’t eating together increase your appetite? Even as I took these pictures, the students invited me as well, ‘Teacher, would you like some? Let’s eat together’. Such sincere children, without a single hint of selfishness. No greediness or the desire to eat by themselves.”

Source: Facebook

This shows how important it is for students to learn how to share at a young age.

“I encourage parents, especially mothers. Take the opportunity to cook packed meals for your kids to take to school, please prepare a little extra. The most important thing is to teach them to invite their friends for a meal. Teach them to share their meals. It’s such a noble practice. These kids who bring home-cooked meals to school are not rich. After all, it’s just fried rice. Nothing special. But the attitude of sharing that has been instilled in this kid is so impressive,” he added.

Sharing their food also motivates kids to avoid wasting food.

Source: Facebook 

“There are a lot of students who bring expensive and delicious home-cooked food. Spaghetti, nuggets, sausages and more expensive meals that are appetising. But when they head home and their mothers check their tupperwares, at least half will be left over. They didn’t finish it! Then their mothers will feel disheartened to cook good food when it’s constantly wasted as their children never finish it,” he said.

Hence, the teacher advises parents everywhere to encourage their children to share their meals, also to make it easier for them to make friends and finish their food so that nothing goes wasted.

This should be practiced, especially with students from lower-income groups.

Every lesson starts from home, no matter how much a teacher in school repeats it.

Mohd Fadli’s posting has since garnered over 1,000 shares.

Kudos, kids. Hopefully your good manners and ethics rub off on your friends!


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