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M’sian Uncle Gives Neighbour’s Dog A Proper Burial After They Abandoned Him In A Field



Source: Angel Teng (Facebook)

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I think we can all agree that taking care of a pet takes a lot of hard work and dedication and that some people are just not cut out to be a pet owner at all.

In a post uploaded yesterday, Facebook user Angel Teng took to the social media platform to share the heartbreaking story of her neighbour’s dog and warned others to only take in pets if they have the heart to truly take care of them.

“My neighbour started taking care of a dog. The first time we met him, the dog ran to our house and asked for food. When we brought him back to his owner and told them that the dog had run to our house, the neighbour continued to tie him up and the dog would cry every day,” the post writes.

Angel then continues to explain that for the next few months, the dog would regularly come over to their house for food and to play. But then, suddenly, he didn’t come to visit them at all the day before.

“The dog didn’t come to find us last night and we didn’t see him in the morning either. It was only after uncle went to look for him that we realised the dog had died in a field…”

It turns out, the dog was being bullied and attacked by another, much larger dog and that was why he had died. But when Angel’s uncle went to notify the neighbours that their dog had passed away, that was when they found out that the neighbours had actually abandoned the dog in the field a really long time ago.

“My uncle angrily asked them: ‘Why would you throw your dog in a field? If you won’t handle the situation then I’ll just take him and bury him?’ and the neighbours just said: ‘if you want him then take him!'”

And so, her uncle dug a hole in their back yard and brought the dog over for a proper burial. Angel explained that her uncle threw away his dog collar and kept petting the dog’s head, whispering to him and telling him he needs to go peacefully, during the whole process.

She finishes her whole post with a PSA to all pet owners: “To all pet owners, if you want to have a pet then you need to treat them right, take care of them properly, don’t be cold to your pets, thinking that as long as you feed them then it’s okay, your pets know what’s happening…”

“If you can so simple abandon them, then don’t have a pet in the first place…”

We urge all Malaysians out there to be responsible pet owners and to give their pets the love they deserve.

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