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M’sian Who Lived Overseas For 8 Years Finds Name Suspiciously Registered in Sabah



M'sian Girl Who's Been Staying Overseas For 8 Years Finds Her Name Registered in Sabah - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Getty Images / Facebook

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As GE14 looms over Malaysia, more and more ‘interesting’ stories are surfacing on social media. 

Just yesterday (17 April), a Malaysian lady named Kimberly took to Facebook after discovering that her name was ‘miraculously’ registered as a voter for the upcoming 14th general election. The funny thing was, she hasn’t been in Malaysia for years and has been staying in Australia since February 2017 until now.

Therefore, she believes that someone is using her identity to register as a voter on her behalf. Here’s the brief translation of what she wrote.

“Ever since I’ve left the country in 2010, I only come back during Chinese New Year, and I’ve never registered as a voter nor have I voted in any general election before.”

“My mother told me this after she checked on the website.” 

Based on the Election Commission’s website, the 25-year-old netizen is registered under DUN Elopura, and her polling centre is in Sekolah Kebangsaan St Monica, all the way in Sabah.

Source: Facebook

Kimberly felt really unsettled with this whole thing, so she called up the Election Commission for clarification. Amusingly, she was told that it is possible that her family members, friends, or even the pegawai could have registered on her behalf. Is that even legal?? 

All the explanations didn’t make sense because her family members didn’t register for her. Plus, she left Malaysia eight years ago and only has a few friends left in her home country. She also questioned whether the officer is even allowed to register for voters without acquiring the voters’ consent first.

“I immediately asked them to cancel my status as a voter because I am not able to make it, and I don’t want my vote to be abused. I gave them my phone number and they said they will follow up with my case.”

Apparently, Kimberly isn’t the only one who has had her name registered by ‘someone’, as other netizens reportedly faced similar issues as well. Didn’t know our government is this ‘efficient’.

Well, this is certainly not the first case, because just last week, a few Klang voters also shockingly found out that their names were registered under Perak, some 300km away from their home. Check out the full story below! 


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