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M’sian Woman Gets Fed Up With People Washing Sanitary Pads in Public Toilets in Viral Thread



Source: Twitter & Vice

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As girls, there’s one really important question that begs an answer. Do pads need to be washed before being disposed of?

Nabila (@nuhbeeluh) took to her Twitter account to reveal the truth.

Nabila shared an image of Initial’s ‘No-Touch’ sanitary pad bins that not only have infra-red sensors so that you don’t have to physically open them yourselves, but also feature integral antibacterial technology that prevents the spread of bacteria.

She captions her posting with, “Girls, you’re not supposed to wash your pads in public toilets. After replacing your pad, you should immediately throw the dirty ones into these bins. They’re specially made for pads. No need to clean it considering how you do it is really disgusting.”

What Nabila is referring to is the fact that most of the time when girls wash their pads in a public toilet, they do it with the bidet and the blood splatters on the walls and floor. (Imagine walking into a public toilet late at night and there’s blood everywhere.)

Source: Pinterest

“It’s not compulsory to wash pads. I wash pads at home because pads will then be mixed with general waste and managed like general waste. It’s the fear of it getting exposed among the trash. In most public toilets, there are already designated bins so you don’t need to wash them,” Nabila further explains.

The pads thrown into these designated bins will be disposed of safely and hygienically.

Female netizens have since shared their opinions on the matter.

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “For me, if you want to wash your pads, don’t do it on the floor. Yes, we’ve been educated to wash our pads before throwing them away. But don’t do it on the floor until it splatters the entire toilet. Pity the other users. Have some common sense.”

Source: Twitter

This comment reads, “These sanitary bins are made for a good cause, but girls put other unnecessary things inside like tissues and others things to a point where it’s so full, you can’t fit anything else in and you can’t close the lid.”

It’s understandable to have grown up with the notion that pads should be washed, and it’s fair to practice that belief, as long as it’s done as hygienically as possible. Wash pads into toilet bowls and not on the floor. If blood splatters on the walls or the floor, make the effort to clean it up.

It’s also important to not misuse the designated sanitary pad bins in public toilets as they’re there for a significant reason.

Nabila’s posting has since garnered over 11,300 retweets.

If washing pads is to prevent Satan from consuming your blood, don’t turn public toilets into a blood buffet for him. 


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