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M’sian YouTuber’s Hands Shake While Eating Cat Food, Says It Tastes Like Tuna



Curious M'sian YouTuber Tried Eating Cat Food Out Of Curiosity And Suggested That Everyone Should Give It A Try - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: YouTube

What would be the most disgusting food item that you think you’d be willing to put in your mouth?

This YouTuber, Ayim, insists that cat foods should be harmless when consumed by humans given that nothing has ever happened to our pets when eating it.

So he taste-tested a can of cat food and even had it with fried rice to give us a clear review of the whole experience. He even admitted that his hands were trembling before putting a portion of it into his mouth.

He says in the video that if you ignore the strong smell of raw fish, it actually tastes like, well, fish!

“To me, it doesn’t taste like much, it just tastes like tuna, you just have to get past your mindset and eat it normally.”

He even continued, “The taste was not weird, you guys can try it, and don’t bash me for this. I’m just very curious, that’s all.”

It took him a while to process the taste. Maybe he should try it with sambal belacan next.


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