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M’sians Are Celebrating Multicultural Friends & Family With This Heartwarming New Hashtag



Source: Twitter & Twitter

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Malaysia has always been the Asian melting pot of culture and race, and it looks like as the eras go by, our different cultures and races are truly melting harmoniously into each other.

Case in point would be Emellia (@emelliashariff)‘s family, as she showcased on the @twt_malaysia Twitter account, which she is currently curating. She comes from a Malay-Hainanese Chinese family which loves and celebrates each other, and in conjunction with that notion, she urged Malaysians to share pictures displaying their uniquely multi-ethnic families and backgrounds with the hashtag #MalaysiaUnites.

Emellia wrote, “What’s your #MalaysiaUnites story? Come share with us!”

And boy, did Malaysians not disappoint.

Source: Twitter

One netizen shared a picture of her multiracial all-female (you go, girls!) futsal team with the caption, “I have a wonderful futsal team, one Malaysia.”

Source: Twitter

This netizen showcased her Malay, Chinese and Indian mixed family, with the caption, “My grandma is Chinese. My late grandpa is Indian. My mom is Chindian. My late dad is Malay.”

Source: Twitter

Another netizen displayed how Malaysians celebrated the sarong by spending a day wearing it loud and proud, “This is #Keretapisarong2018 where we all went out donning sarongs. Races don’t matter, everyone wore it.”

Source: Twitter

This netizen showcased how his friends enjoy immersing themselves in each other’s cultures, “Nothing much to tell. Just celebrating every major celebrations every year.”

There’s nothing more heartwarming than these tweets that prove we can beat the haters who try to divide us as Malaysians with the spirit of multicultural friends and family.

Emellia’s posting has since garnered over 301 retweets.

What’s your multiracial, multi-ethnic unity story? Don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #MalaysiaUnites.


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