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M’sians Are Illegally Buying Babies Sold Online with Prices Starting From RM10,000



M'sian Women Share Their Experiences Of Buying BABIES Through Social Media For Only RM10K - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: WOB & RebelCircus

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In this day and age, almost anything and everything can be bought online. From underwear to whole DNA testing kits can be found online. But did you know that babies, YEAP, real-life human babies are also being sold online? You might find it ludicrous but it is happening out there with babies being sold at a price of RM10,000 at least!

Source: Vulcan Post

The whole buying process is eerily simple where the first step is to make a simple search across social media platforms with the keyword ‘anak angkat’ or ‘adopted child’. Lo and behold, multiple accounts that handle selling and buying babies online will pop-up during the search. Click inside the page and you will see that the “costs” shown for “adopting” a baby will be approximately from RM10,000 to RM20,000. This is human trafficking!

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous said she was offered a baby to be adopted but she had to pay RM15,000 to cover several costs. She found the child’s birth mother through social media and was almost scammed by the mother when the mother insisted that the woman banked in the money before showing her the baby.

Source: WOB

According to Harian Metro, this “adoption” process also just requires very simple information such as personal details and the reason you’re adopting the baby. If you wish to adopt a baby, a deposit payment of RM2,000 to RM7,000 is required as this would be the payment to give birth in a private hospital and also as a consolation for the birth mother to “move on”.

Another woman shared her experience of adopting a baby online where she came close twice to adopting a baby but wasn’t successful as the birth mother cancelled their deal because she got a higher offer from another buyer.

“I got stressed as I had already bought all the baby items but at the last minute the birth mother simply refused to give her baby as another couple offered a higher price!”

These women are still receiving messages from middlemen who are offering babies to them but have yet to receive their mail-order babies. When asked why these women didn’t choose to adopt babies legally through JKM (Social Welfare Department), their answers were simply that it took a long time and they weren’t happy with the fact that they couldn’t choose the genders of their preferred baby.

This is not the first time this has happened and it looks like this human trafficking going under the guise of “adopting babies” is still going on!

The simplicity of this process is what makes it so scary and impersonal. The reason why adopting a baby legally takes so long is the government just wants to ensure that the children are placed in a loving and safe home. Anyone could wire-transfer an amount of money and obtain a child instantly but at the end of the day think to yourself if whether that’s the most ethical way.


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