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M’sians Are Raving About This Vacuum Cleaner That Sucks Out Invisible Dusts And Mites On Your Bed!



Source: Mohd Nazri FB

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If you are someone who suffers from asthma, sensitive skin or is highly sensitive to dust and dust mites (HDM), this article is for you!

No more sneezing, rubbing your eyes or suffering from breathing difficulties for this vacuum cleaner is a true life changer! Even if you are someone who doesn’t suffer from any allergies, there is nothing wrong with stepping up your hygiene effort.

This Malaysian netizen, Mohd Nazri, gained over 6,500 shares on Facebook after sharing a new vacuum he discovered that helped his wife, who has extremely sensitive skin.

Nazri explained in his post that he came across this vacuum after scrolling through Tiktok and decided to purchase it after reading all the good reviews. He was sceptical about it at first and did not expect it to work so well.

After using it on the mattress, he was mind blown when he laid eyes on the amount of dust that got sucked out! He couldn’t believe that he and his wife slept on that very same matters every night. The vacuum turned out to be a great help for his wife too as it managed to reduce all the potential causes that could trigger her sensitive skin.

The vacuum cleaner has a dual filtration to ensure it is effectively filtering any harmful substances and it also has other beneficial features! The beat frequency actually helps to instantly strip off mites on the bed or the area that is infested by it.

It also has UV-C ultraviolet light that helps to penetrate and kill mites instantly as well as releasing 50-degree hot air that will help to kill HDM and their inhibition.

Super helpful! Easy to use and affordable. 

If you are thinking about purchasing one for yourself, you can click on the Shopee link here!

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