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M’sians Can Now Check Their Unclaimed Money From The Government Online!



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Source: UMP & The ASEAN Post

Do you know whether you have any money from the government that is not claimed yet? After all, we pay taxes and fines and licenses, and sooner or later the government ends up owning us some money back. Well, you can now check your unclaimed money online!

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The Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia has launched eGUMIS (Electronic Government Unclaimed Money Information System) for the public to check if they have any money that hasn’t been claimed yet.

Follow these steps and you can check whether you have any money held by the government at any time:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Log into your account at this portal
  3. Update your profile including your password and personal details
  4. Click on “Carian Wang Tak Dituntut” on the panel on the left, then key in the I.C. number
  5. The page will show you any unclaimed money from the government like this:

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*Each account can only look into two different I.C. numbers in one day

With that, you can now save all the hassles from travelling to the office, only to found out that there isn’t any money to be claimed. Just create an account you can check it for yourself! Spread the word so the others know too.


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