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M’sians to Pay for Expensive Seafood This CNY, Here’s the Price Range



M'sians to Pay for Expensive Seafood During 2018 CNY, Here's the Estimated Price Range - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sinchew

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Seafood such as fish and prawns are almost mandatory dishes during a reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year, as they connote prosperity and good luck. As such, the demand for seafood usually surges in the lead up to the festival, which drives the price through the roof.

With Chinese New Year just over a month away, seafood prices at this particular market in Pontian, Johor are already climbing, as reported by Sinchew. The price hike is mainly driven by the low supply from fishermen and also an increasing demand among consumers.

Source: Sinchew

Source: Sinchew

A fishmonger pointed out that due to the rough weather at sea, many fishermen are opting to stay on the shore until the weather clears. As such, supply is currently running low in the market, which fuels the price hike.

It was reported that the Chinese Pomfret, which is a popular fish in Pontian and favoured by the elders, are now bearing a higher price tag. In fact, some fishmongers are already selling the all-time favourite fish by size, and not by weight anymore.

For instance, the price for a big fish as pictured below can easily go up to RM300 per fish.

Source: Sinchew

Other fishmongers also predicted that seafood prices would continue to soar up to 30 per cent in the next two weeks, as consumers start to stockpile the goods in preparation for the celebration. Here’s the current price range of the seafood, which is expected to hike within the next two weeks. Brace yourselves guys! 

  • Chinese Pomfret – RM200 per fish depending on size
  • White Pomfret – RM60 – RM80 per kg
  • Prawn – RM80 per kg
  • Squid – RM40 per kg
  • Salmon – RM48 per kg
  • Grouper – RM90 per kg

As of now, consumers from Singapore as well as the locals are already flocking to the wet market in Johor to stock up their seafood before the price increases.

Source: Sinchew

Source: Sinchew 

On the other hand, prices of vegetables are quite stable at the moment although there are some minor fluctuations on a daily basis.

So, would you actually pay top dollar for a big fish, or would you go for other alternatives such as replacing seafood with other poultry this CNY? 


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