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M’sians Suddenly Want to Visit Russia After This Reporter Was Kissed Twice on TV



M'sian Netizens Want to Visit Russia After S.Korean Reporter Kissed by Two Lovely Ladies - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Youtube

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A male reporter from Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN) was sent to Russia to cover the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but he got more than what he bargained for.

Source: CNET

While on duty, it was understood that the man was reporting live outside the stadium. As he was speaking to the camera, a lovely lady suddenly appeared from the side and hugged him before kissing him on his left cheek.

Instead of blushing, the reporter kept calm (either that or he’s got a good poker face) as if nothing had happened. He carried on with his duty with such professionalism.

Two seconds later, another beautiful lady held his neck and kissed him. This time, he couldn’t tahan anymore and burst out laughing. Who wouldn’t?

Here’s the video.

This footage immediately gained international attention as it circulated across the globe, and even reached Chinese and American netizens. Some questioned why no one brought up the issue of sexual harassment in the name of gender equality.

However, the bigger issue here was that some Korean netizens who knew the reporter said the guy is already married and he would have to face his wife who’s probably waiting anxiously back in South Korea. Good luck bruh. 

For some reason, this video also got a lot of Malaysian netizens riled up as they now have the sudden urge to visit Russia. Hmm we wonder why… 

“I’m buying a flight ticket to Russia now. Anybody wants to follow?” a netizen said. 

“Russia seems like a nice place to visit. I don’t know what’s wrong with the ladies, but I’m willing to help them out,” another male netizen jokingly said. 

Well, we will pray for the well-being of the reporter and hopefully he won’t get in trouble once he’s home! 


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