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M’sians Warn Public About The Harmful ‘Charlie Ant’ & Its Gruesome Effects On Skin



Source: Jamie Chin | Facebook & Ivy Lew | Facebook

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On 23 February, a netizen named Jamie Chin has published a Facebook post to warn everyone about the consequences of getting bit by a bug called Rove Bettle, that is also known as Charlie Ant.

“It is a peak season for the Rove Bettle to appear due to the hot weather recently. The bugs often appear in cooling areas such as sinks, cloth, and curtains,” she wrote.

Jamie also warned the netizens to remind their children that they should never touch the Charlie Ants with their hands, as just one of them can ruin your whole face.

“Do not underestimate them even if they might look tiny and small as they are extremely powerful,” she emphasised.

Many netizens then took to the comment section under the post to share about their own experiences encountering the dangerous Charlie Ants. WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to one of the netizens named Ivy Lew, and she has provided us with some of her personal experiences with the bug!

Ivy Lew told WOLRD OF BUZZ that she has also published a Facebook post about the bug earlier on 20 January. Just like what Jamie said earlier, Ivy also warned the netizens to not touch the bug with their hands. Instead, they should use the electrical racket to kill it before it releases any venom on your skin.

Ivy said that the bites were very painful especially when the blister bursts. The acidic liquid in the blister will eventually spread and burn other areas of your skin which will then cause another blister to form again. She also added that she is staying on the 34th floor, which makes her wonder how the bugs fly so high to their balcony, as she did not seem to see them in the corridor or lift.

Ivy mentioned that there will be more Charlie Ants during rainy seasons. Thus, she and her husband are now struggling to find a solution to get rid of it. She also hopes that BY sharing, more people will then be able to share their experiences so that they can clear her doubts and solve the issue.

Kudos to Jamie and Ivy for being open and sharing your experiences. Stay safe, everyone!


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