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Mumps Outbreak in Terengganu Hits Record High With 182 Cases Within 2 Weeks



Source: New Straits Times & NHS

There has been a staggering report by Bernama of a mumps outbreak in Terengganu as 182 cases have popped up so far, including 68 new cases in the span of two weeks. 

85 of those cases involve students of a boarding school, half of whom have since recovered from the virus. The remaining infected students are currently being quarantined in their respective homes under doctor’s orders as the institution does not have enough space to house them in isolation.

State health director Dr Mohd Jusoh emphasises the importance of the parents’ role in the situation, ensuring that their kids do not go anywhere in public to avoid a larger outspread of the virus.

The state health department is currently working with education department director Shafruddin Ali Hussein to put an end to the disease through ‘gotong-royong’ activities to ensure the school ground hygiene, and teachers and students have been advised to wear face masks. Additionally, daily health screenings and practising cough etiquette as according to a healthcare practitioner have been recommended.

The mumps is a viral infection that targets the salivary glands, causing goiter-like swelling of the salivary glands, either on one side or both sides of the face, which can be very painful. In addition to that, mumps can also cause headaches, fever, pain and discomfort when swallowing.

Do visit a doctor if you or the people around you display the above mentioned symptoms. 


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