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Musang King-Renowned Town, Bentong to Host Global Durian Fest in November



Bentong, Famous For Musang King Durian Chosen to Hold Global Durian Festival in November - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Follow Me to Eat La / Youtube

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If you love durian, you wouldn’t want to miss this festival!

Earlier yesterday, it was announced that the 2017 Malaysia International Durian Cultural Tourism Festival will be held in Bentong, Pahang!

Durian lovers who read the news were all heavy breathing upon hearing ‘Bentong’ because the place is famous for producing Musang King durian! Nobody can say no to that!

Source: Youtube

“Bentong, which is famous for Musang King, was chosen as the venue to host this festival. This will elevate Bentong as a charming international eco-tourism spot,” said Bentong MP, Liow.

Jointly organised by MCA’s Belt and Road Centre (Mbrace) and Hunan Broadcasting System Company, this huge event will be held on 25th and 26th of November.

FYI, you may have heard of Hunan TV because they’re the one filming the highly popular reality TV show – Where Are We Going, Dad? 

Source: Xin Hua Net

During this two-day event, durians of course will be the main highlight of the show, but you can also expect to see and feast on other durian-related products too. Please tell us there’s durian ice cream!

Besides, visitors can also buy local produce and agro products including the famous Bentong ginger. Fresh tropical fruits from Raub will also make an appearance at the event!

No festival is complete without entertainment. So, on the first night of the festival, durian lovers will be entertained by some cool party tunes! We’re not sure what kind of party it’ll be, but we hope it’s LIT!

Thanks to Hunan TV, this festival will receive wide coverage on various channels including social media as well as TV and radio stations! About 50,000 people or more are expected to turn up at this global durian festival.

Hopefully this global event would be a huge success and all the durians provided are ripe, because it was a complete disaster at a previous durian event


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