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“My Best Friend is My Stepmother Now,” Says Daughter of 41yo Man Who Married Child Bride



41yo Man's Second Wife Complains That He Only Loves 11yo Wife & Doesn't Provide for Family - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST

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The child marriage controversy continues once again.

The second wife of Che Abdul Karim, the 41-year-old who outraged Malaysians and made headlines when he took Ayu, the 11-year-old as his third wife, recently complained that her husband does not provide for his family.

Siti Noor Azilah said that he was stingy with his money as he did not give them any financial help. She has currently four children with him and one of them is actually suffering from Spina Bifida (an underdeveloped spine), reported New York Times as quoted by May Robertson, from Malay Mail.

“He is so stingy with us, but he has enough money to get married to Ayu and take her on holiday,” said Siti, who has a job as a baker as she needs the money.

“Their father never takes care of them, he doesn’t even like children. Except one, that Ayu.”

Siti Noor Azila, the second wife of Mr. Che Abdul Karim, with her two daughters | Source: NYT

Ms. Nuraini, right, in her family’s restaurant. | Source: NYT

Due to this issue, the atmosphere in the family unit is tense as the first two wives gang up to force their husband to choose between them and his new child bride.

“We have said to him, it is us or that girl. We said, you choose. You cannot have all three of us,” Siti said.

Ms. Nuraini and her daughter, Norazila. | Source: NYT

However, their woes cannot be compared to that of Abdul Karim’s 14-year-old daughter, who is also Ayu’s best friend. She now has to call her own best friend “stepmother”.

“My best friend is my stepmother now. It doesn’t make sense,” said Norazila, who said she was not aware of Ayu’s plans to marry her father.

Norazila, 14, at her family’s restaurant in Gua Musang, Malaysia. | Source: NYT

Meanwhile, Che Abdul Karim claimed that all he wanted was to give Ayu a good life and way out of poverty and that marrying her was a noble thing to do.

In support of him, Kuala Betis mosque imam Sayed Noordin said that Abdul Karim is a good Muslim who attends the mosque daily for prayers. He also added that Islamic laws allow such child marriages as long as the girl has reached puberty and the parents have given their consent.

Ayu’s family’s home in Gua Musang. | Source: NYT

“In Islamic procedure, as long as a bride agrees, her parents agree and the girl has had her menstrual period, then a marriage is OK,” he said.

“Che Karim is a good Muslim, he always comes for prayer, and he is a responsible man.”

Che Abdul Karim then emphasized that he would not have any intimate relations with his new wife until she turns 16 years old.

“I love her,” he said.

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