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‘My Forever Doggo’ Is Here To Find Homes For Adorable Rescues & Strays All Across Klang Valley



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We’re huge advocates of adopt, don’t shop!

Here’s a quick reason as to why,

Don’t shop:

  • Puppy mills: The demand for purebred puppies has caused the uptick of puppy mills and backyard breeders who mistreat female dogs by placing them in cramped small cages, with absolutely no care (veterinary, weather protection, cleanliness, etc). These female dogs are then killed or dumped in the streets once they can no longer reproduce.
  • Pet stores: Often times, after the puppies from mills and backyard breeders have arrived at pet stores, they’re kept in tiny cages with minimal interaction.

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  • Puppy Mills: Reduced business means less to hopefully no dogs being tortured by breeders.
  • Save a Life: Doggies that go through shelters eventually are put down due to the overpopulation of strays.
  • Pay less: Adoption fees are a lot less than buying a puppy.

So, are you ready to adopt a doggo?

A non-profit, shelter neutral organisation is taking doggie adoption to the next level by creating the social media campaign called My Forever Doggo.

Source: Facebook

They’re basically creating a database of adoptable doggies from shelters all across the Klang Valley and showcasing them along with their stories on Facebook and Instagram. Interested future fur parents can scroll and get to know the doggies based on their captions before deciding on one to bring home.

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I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, The love that's all around me, And so the feeling grows. . It's written on the wind, It's everywhere I go, So if you really love me, Come on and let it show. . The above lyrics are from the song “Love Is All Around” by the band Wet Wet Wet… And wet wet wet is the perfect description for today’s doggo, Jelly! . Why? Because Jelly just looooooves playing with water! She doesn’t just play with it, she super loves and OWNS it! Whenever Jelly is near any source of water, she goes into absolute theme park mode, splishing and splashing around. . Jovial and highly sociable with other dogs, Jelly is also superfriendly with humans. She is literally a doggo that can make friends with all creatures, all while adding fun, joy and laughter to their lives with a big splash of water! . So if your water bill is kind of high, we recommend keeping your large bowls of water away from her. Of course, Jelly is also quite smart so she’ll most likely follow you straight to the toilet, bathtub or shower just to get her water fix. . What can we say, except “wat-er” wonderful, wet and wild widdle doggo Jelly is! . Fact: Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or undrinkable. Luckily, Jelly doesn’t care about that ‘cause she just wants to play in it! . Ready to adopt? Drop us a PM to arrange for a visit. . We know it's not easy starting life anew with your fur-mily member, that's why MFD will provide you with a FREE welcome kit – pamper your loved one with some dry and wet dog food, snacks, followed by a grooming session and a group obedience class – For you to make that paws-itive start with Jelly! . Also, tag a friend who needs a Jelly in their life. . #myforeverdoggo #adoptnotshop #dogsofinstagram #dogadoption Age: 2 years old Gender: female Size: medium Favourite quote: Thousands have lived without love, but no one can live without water.

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Concerned over the skyrocketing amount of stray and abandoned doggies while adoption rates remain at an all-time low, they’ve collaborated with photographers and shelters to create the ultimate portfolio for dog adoption. And may we add, these doggies look soooo handsome and pretty, getting their picture taken. 

Shelters that have collaborated with My Forever Doggo include SPCA, PAWS and independent shelters who have been desperately looking for homes for their rescued dogs for years.

Hopefully, with the spotlight on these adorable dogs, the public will be more aware of shelters instead of pet stores.

Can you already imagine the smile on a shelter dog’s face when it realises that it finally has a home?

So always remember, adopt, don’t shop. 


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