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Najib Approved RM30 Million To Be Spent On Race Track For Mat Rempits



Najib: RM30 Million Race Track To Be Built In Sungai Petani For Mat Rempits - World Of Buzz 1

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Illegal racing has become a huge issue in Malaysia as motorcyclists continue to speed and perform dangerous stunts on roads.

These dangerous motorcyclists are given the nickname of ‘mat rempit’. The worst part is that they are often tied back to other illegal activities too, such as robbery, snatch theft, consuming drugs, etc.

Source: KL Coconuts

So when our beloved Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that RM30 million has been allocated just to build a race track, you bet that Malaysians flipped the eff out!

This race track will be built in Sungai Petani, Kedah, The Star reported.

Source: The Star

Our awesome prime minister was at a programme with Generation Y youths on February 12, 2017 when he revealed this plan.

However, Najib had not provided much details about it. He said,

“The track will benefit the youth, there will be no more need for mat rempit to race on the streets. They can race all they want on a track then.”

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Of course, after hearing of this news, netizens were rather unhappy. Many slammed this this plan as a bad idea.

A few netizens felt that spending money on a race track just wasn’t worth it.

There are other projects that can benefit a whole bigger section of society for that money. Eg hospitals. one wrote.

These people need fund for healthcare and education more than building a track that one day might end up being a white elephant project,” said another.

Source: The Star

But one netizen lamented that motorsports is something most people did not understand.

For those who are not in the motorsport scene, you wont understand the suffering of motorsport enthusiasts in Klang Valley after BATU TIGA Circuit closed.”

“During the glory days of Batu Tiga, there were less street racing as street motorsport enthusiast spend lots of time in circuit and with cheap fees too!”

“Now, we only have Sepang with sky rocket fees to race on circuit. They intend to race on street instead of circuit.”

Personally? They should just lower the fees down in Sepang circuit and stop wasting more money.

What do you guys think of this latest plan by our dearest prime minister?

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