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“Najib Razak Ordered Me To Kill Atlantuya”, Convicted Murderer Makes Shocking Confession



" Najib Razak Instructed Me To Kill Atlantuya" Convicted Murderer On Death Row Made Shocking Confession - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: malaysiakini &sinarharian

The murder of Atlantuya is a national mystery even 13 years after her death due to many famous names being attached to it. In a shocking update, convicted murderer Azilah Hadri made a statement to Malaysiakini admitting that he was instructed by our former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his friend Abdul Razak Baginda to murder Atlantuya.

This statement was made in Kajang Prison where Azilah currently awaits death row. This is the first time he has admitted that he and Sirul Azhar Umar, who has fled to Australia, followed an order from the former Prime Minister when he was the Deputy Prime Minister as he was a member of the Special Action Force (UTK) police.

“The DPM then told me that a foreign spy was in Kuala Lumpur and was trying to threaten the DPM and his special officer known as (Abdul) Razak Baginda.”

He was told that she was dangerous because of secrets she had that threatened national security. This statement came in an application filed by Azilah as he is currently seeking retrial on the death setence set upon him. Not only that, he even mentioned that there was suppression of evidence and material facts during his trial, and he also hopes that justice will be served!

In response to this statement, our former Prime Minister told Free Malaysia Today that this statement is simply rubbish!

“This is a complete fabrication by a desperate person seeking to escape the gallows,”

Najib Razak also posed the question of why did not this information come out earlier and only after 19 months of Pakatan Harapan in power. Currently, the prosecution has not appealed to his acquittal. This is an extremely shocking and important update in this long-winded case. What will the consequences be, however?

What do you think of this shocking statement? Is it the truth or just another ploy in this convoluted case?


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